Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Review - Glee Season 2 Episode 9 Special Education

While sectionals surely is important in the grand scheme of things, "Special Education" puts it on the backburner, putting more important issues before the event. Ostensibly, it is a Rachel episode, but not in the typical "Rachel gets the spotlight" way.

It's been coming for a long time, but Rachel gets put in her place. Her overzealous scheming and attitude finally reaches a point when Will, taking Emma's advice, decides to let others take the lead roles instead of Rachel and Finn. At the same time, she learns about Finn and Santana hooking up a year earlier. The glee club falls into near turmoil as the various couples, sans Quinn and Sam, threaten to destroy the group.

We see that glee club, arguably, has been a negative factor in Rachel's life, forcing her to be competitive, rude, and mean.With Kurt, her main competition, out of the club, it generated my favorite moment of the episode, Rachel in the crowd reminding Kurt to smile. But there was that same spiteful Rachel in the same episode, about to hookup with Puck as if it was equivalent to what Finn did with Santana when they weren't even together.

Sectionals itself goes as planned, the group managing to get through without any mishap. In a eye-rolling twist, New Directions ties with the Warblers, so both will go on to Regionals. Glee writers sure love their easy resolutions.

There's a tiny bit of Emma and Will drama in the episode, luckily nothing too intrusive. Emma misses Sections per Carl's request and they end of getting married. Of course Emma has to give Will a kiss on the cheek. It's the same damn song and dance, but at least Will doesn't do anything dumb this time around as he did in the Rocky Horror episode.

The final scene pretty much sums up Glee. It's a show which doesn't push the envelope, doesn't go for important, long-term developments. Everyone is happy, maybe with a few sore spots here and there, and that's exactly what it's intends to be.

Score: 8.7/10
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