Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Review - Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Episode 10 Firinne

Jimmy escaping yet again is indicative of what it's been like for the Sons all season long. Even when it looks like they have a handle on the situation, they're tossed around for no reason in particular and are forced to scramble. In Jimmy's case, they have him, but McGee pops up and then all these other guys crawl up, starting a big firefight and allowing Jimmy to escape. It seems like everything is conspiring against the Sons.

The Ireland story made serious headway this week with Father Ashby showing his hand. His reasoning for hiding Abel is that JT never wanted his son to live the life he did, and since Ashby failed with JT's son, he wanted to try with Abel. Although Jax gets a address, Ashby makes good case which sticks with Jax. Does Jax want his son to grow up as he did?

The scene is one of the more emotional ones of the episode, at least for Jax's side, but with Father Ashby, we're still left in the dark about him. Part of why the IRA alone hasn't clicked for me is that we never get a clear picture of what each character wants, on the small scale or large scale. They're kind of just there for the Sons to interact with, but nothing more.

Tara and Margaret remains in trouble by the end of the episode, but the remaining guys also make some moves to get them back. Along the way, we learn that Margaret used to be in a bad relationship with a guy who eventually died from a drug overdose, explaining her wariness of Jax.

Thank God Jax and Trinity was nipped at the bud before anything further could happen.

Score: 8.9/10
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