Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Thursday 11/22/10

CBS won with How I Met Your Mother (3.5), Rules of Engagement (2.9), Two and a Half Men (4.5), Mike & Molly (4.0), Hawaii Five-0 (3.3). With a larger leadin and Castle not airing, Five-0 climbed well above 3.0.

ABC was second with Dancing with the Stars (4.9) and Skating with the Stars (2.4). Dancing --> skating, and most viewers bolt.

Fox was third with House (3.4) and Lie to Me (1.7). Lie to Me still in danger area.

NBC was last with Chuck (1.7), The Event (1.7), and Chase (1.4). Chuck slips, The Event maintains its lower ratings, and Chase maintains its even lower ratings. God, NBC is sad.
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