Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Review - The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 13 Bad

The name of the show is deceptively simple. The average person looks at the name "The Good Wife" and doesn't make much about. It's a generic name that doesn't spark any real interest. Once you start watching the show, you realize how deep the show really is. Every episode is more deception piled on top of more deception. We don't know who's lying or telling the truth. We don't know the motives of anyone. The only person who has good intentions is Alicia, and even she doesn't tell the whole truth. She's fine avoiding questions or descending into lawyer speak.

Alicia has to defend, Colin Swaney, a suspected killer who got off in the criminal trial due to a lack of evidence. His daughter is trying to prove he is guilty so he won't get his wife's money. Clearly Colin is a creep and Alicia thinks he is guilty, but there is no evidence to convict him. His motive is sketchy and there are other suspects. The police find his wife's body at his house, but it turns out it was transferred from the daughter's farm to his house. At the end, we still don't know who really did it. There was no admission of guilt, so the questions is up in the air. Colin is rich enough and evil enough to have planted the body.

Diane was handling guns with Kalinda this episode and I was surprised there wasn't a knee jerk liberal reaction of the writers to have Diane and others roundly condemn guns and demand a ban on them. Instead, guns were seen as necessary in some circumstances, but there was the other side to it at the same time. Though the story was kind of stupid, it showed Diane going against her beliefs because she felt threatened by the parolee. Later, we see her in the house with her gun out, but it's just her cat. The writers show her in a state of paranoia, quick to take a gun, but is that because she has a gun or because she knows she's in danger?

With Stern about, Will and Diane have equal power and are grappling against each other. In a way, you can see Diane learning guns as a way to empower herself after Will totally disregarded her. If there is an underhanded fight between Will and Diane, I could easily see Kalinda helping Diane. She was oddly sympathetic to Diane, but of course she asked for payment.
At Peter's trial, Daniel does a great job and Childs appears to have given up. He's giving the option to let Peter out for time served, but Peter has to take the deal first. Earlier, Peter asked Alicia what would happen when he comes home. She tells him he'll sleep in the maid's room and won't bring the kids home from school.

Score: 8.9/10


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