Thursday, February 11, 2010

Review - Modern Family Season 1 Episode 15 My Funky Valentine

Modern Family is perfectly suited for Valentine's Day, and the writers switched up the characters and gave us a fulfilling episode that fit the occasion. Like most shows on the broadcast networks, there's no new episodes until March.

Claire and Phil decide to spice up their relationship and meet at a hotel. Claire wants to do some role-playing, and Phil agrees, but his mind runs wild at times, and he starts acting too wacky for Claire's taste. He introduces himself as Clive Bixby, a guy who definitely isn't normal. Claire starts asking why Clive isn't with his wife, and from there, Phil insinuates things about his wife without mentioning Claire. This forces Claire to push back which was completely hilarious. They're role-playing and fighting each other at the same time.

Eventually, they get over that, and Claire decides to come back with a coat and nothing underneath. As they go up an escalator, Claire's coat gets caught. Phil stops the escalator, but now Claire is stuck there with no clothes except the coat which is stuck. Some of their friends come over and try helping only to find out what's under the coat. It's embarrassing for everyone, and then Jay and Gloria show up. Gloria has a solution and Claire is saved from even more embarrassment.

Cam and Mitchell help Manny get the date he deserves. Rico Rodriguez is hilarious, especially when it comes to girls, so the story was already hilarious. Throw in Cam and Mitchell facing off against Durkiss, and it was even better.

Jay and Gloria go to a David Brenner show which lets David make fun of Jay and his age difference with Gloria. Jay is upset, but Gloria makes him feel better. The story didn't go anywhere, but the other two stories were so good that it didn't matter.

Score: 9.1/10


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