Saturday, February 27, 2010

Review - Legend of the Seeker Season 2 Episode 13 Princess

The episode looked like lots of fun to write and act, so I'm sure the people working on the show loved the episode. I enjoyed the episode and smiled a few times, but the nature of the episode--forced humor--didn't work quite as well. The acting has always been weak on the show, but I had no problems with it this week. I don't know if the writers acknowledged that, but the script seemed to constrict any comedy that comes from acting. The over-the-top outfits, characters, and weird rules were intended to be funny based on the situation and not the acting.

The bulk of the episode was devoted to a scheme to save Kahlan from the Margrave of Rothenberg who wants to turn her over to Sister Nicci, so he and his court can avoid the Keeper's wrath. The Margrave wants a new wife, and has two in mind--one he knows and he's never seen. Already, the direction is clear. Cara is the princess, Richard is her brother, and Zedd is their aunt. Basically, it's awkward situation after awkward situation until Kahlan breaks out and the gang takes out the guards. First, there's the weird rhyming pattern the Margrave forces females to use, and then it's the Margrave's servant hitting on Zedd, Richard seducing the Margrave's obese sister to get a key to the dungeon, and finally a hunting trip culminating in a very unprincess-like performance from Cara.

Kahlan showed a few times in the dungeon, but played a crucial role in an otherwise silly episode. The Margrave's wife is locked up in the dungeon, ready to be executed. She goes along with everything because the Creator has a set up rules which she thinks she must follow to be reunited with her family. The theme this season has been going against rules and destiny, but ironically, it's more about selfishness. Kahlan tells her that if she dies, the Keeper will win. But the woman argues that the Creator has laws that can't be broken, so she must do nothing. Kahlan counters by saying that the Creator, who is supposed to be fair, would never make such laws. What about the prophecy?

Score: 8.8/10

I wanted to point out that there won't be a new episode until March 20. It's may seem far away, but it's only two weeks, and not the 7 weeks for Bones and Fringe.
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