Friday, February 19, 2010

Review - Caprica Season 1 Episode 4 Gravedancing

There are so many plot threads in Caprica it's hard to pinpoint exactly what the series is and how to approach it from a critical standpoint. Since the pilot, the only unifying factor has been the train bombing. It starts a deadly chain of events with the inevitable outcome of sentient Cylons warring against the Colonies. The great thing about the show is the intricate world created along the way. The post-apocalyptic doldrums of the Galactica was a fine showcase for what was intended, but a world at the height of technology and culture is a different animal with as much potential for brilliant television. It's fascinating how the writers can create a separate world that seems to similar to Earth and yet so different at the same time.

This week, with huge developments in the previous episode two weeks ago, I was expecting at least a continuation of the major storylines. Instead, the big problems were almost reset to where they were three weeks ago. As much as I marvel at the world the writers created, plot always comes first. There's really no excuse four episodes into a show to put the breaks on everything and start over.

Daniel prepares to go on Sarno's show, but everyone is telling him something different. With all the different voices telling him how to salvage the situations, it's no wonder that he gets into hot water during the interview. The one big twist of the episode was Amanda walking out onto the stage, completely changing the course of the episode and interview. They manage to get the public on their side by deciding to give all holoband profits to charity. Without a profit margin, like drug legalization, the holoband will become more responsible than the current filth. The interview is illuminating and parallels the debate over the internet with brilliant dialogue as Sarno and Daniel spar.

Joseph Adama's grandmother doesn't seem right in the head, but the attitude towards her by the family reflects the genuine Tauron culture. They are a vengeful people and get even without regard to human life. Sam is ready to make his move, but is called off by Joseph. Amanda would never have been killed this early, but the scene dragged on long enough to get me wondering, and it highlighted a major point going ahead. Sam is willing to go ahead, but he says that Joseph is a Caprican in a Tauron body.

The police move in on the STO, and raid the school and the Graystone's house. They don't find anything, but the absence of anything at the school leads Agent Duram to be even more convinced something is going on. Lacy helps Keon fix a motorcycle, and he agrees to get her in contact with people who can get her to Gemenon.

Zoe did nothing in the episode other than dance with the tech guy who I finally figured out is named Philomon and played by Alex Arsenault. Don't ask... His diagnostic is dancing, so Zoe gets to smile and have fun. I have no clue about what the scene was supposed to mean. It was awkward and silly, but allowed Zoebot to relax without worrying about anything for a brief moment. After the diagnostic, she has to be still, but it's only time before she moves in front of someone.

I'm not getting that there is a clear direction to the show. Lacy has the package she needs to bring to Gemenon, but it could be episodes until that happens if ever. The police are closing in on Sister Clarice, but she's ahead of them so far. The Graystones are doing their PR campaign and the Adamas are grappling over who to knock off next. Zoe is in a robot's body and venturing into the holoband. There are varying degrees of time dedicated to each story which makes things even more confusing as to where everything is going.

Score: 9.0/10

Is the original BSG theme/Bear McCreary's "Colonial Anthem" playing considered breaking the fourth wall? It was a nice touch, but a bit unsettling even though the scene was completely silly.
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