Friday, February 5, 2010

Review - The Office Season 6 Episode 15 Sabre

It's a good thing the ratings are still high and there are hardcore fans that love the show, because last night's episode was complete dud with a smidgen of humor. The two main stories were, quite frankly, terrible.

The new owners, Sabre (which by the way isn't European), come into Scranton with big ideas of change. Naturally, Michael rebels against the new rules. He goes to David Wallace's house for advice and we get to see a side to David we've never seen before. He's hanging out at home with his son not really doing anything, but has this idea called Suck-It. It's a sucking device that sucks so much even Michael sees that.

Jim and Pam go to a local daycare, and Jim accidentally opens the door to the kid's bathroom and briefly sees an adult sitting on the toilet. He's actually the guy in charge, so the meeting doesn't go well. It wasn't funny and didn't work at all.

Andy and Erin are really close to getting together, but there's so clueless they can't get anything right. They were one of the few bright spots of the episode and I continue to enjoy their relationship whatever it is.

Score: 8.4/10


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