Monday, February 1, 2010

Review - Big Love Season 4 Episode 4 The Mighty and Strong

Bill is a terrible person, and that's where the writers are taking his character. Increasingly, there is less and less logic to his actions and he's more out of touch than before. Bill's competitor for the state senate, Representative Colburn, starts a full on investigation into Home Plus, and finds some non-employees getting health care. They are Bill's other wives, so Bill asks Don to take the fall for him and admit he's a polygamist. The scene immediately cuts to Don telling the public the lie Bill told him to say. It was a bit shocking to see such a fast transition and it was effective.

There is much more focus on Margene this season and she's all over the place. Her jewelry business is probably dead now that she completely broke down on live television and her marriage to Bill is now in peril since her kiss and feelings for Ben came out in the open.

The long awaited consequences of Sarah's miscarriage from last season finally came out in the form of the Indian baby she kind of took. She wants to have that baby and the baby she has is a surrogate.

Alby's creepiness factor miraculously increases each week. This week, his sneaks into Dale's home and they talk a bit. They're still trying to deal with their attraction to each other and their other obligations, so there wasn't anything new.

As always, the Juniper Creek madness was pretty stupid. J.J. marries Nicki's mom with Alby's consent and Bill's parent's bird smuggling ring may be in jeopardy after Jodeen let them out.

Score: 8.9/10


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