Thursday, February 18, 2010

Review - Psych Season 4 Episode 13 Death Is In The Air

Behind the great virus story and funny lines was big development between Shawn and Juliet that went nowhere. The show has always been about Shawn and Gus with almost nothing about the other characters, and Gus is relegated to the sidekick role.

There is a difficulty in having UST, because it requires a delicate balance almost no show has. Too much time spent and the viewers get exasperated. Too little time and it doesn't seem realistic. Psych is a silly show with no realism, so real relationships are out of the picture already. With Juliet seemingly infected, Shawn is about to spill his heart out, but chokes and doesn't do anything. Jules doesn't pick up on the obvious signs, so nothing really happens. They are progressing at an awkward pace to get together which should be coming soon. I can't say I care much, but it's happening.

The story was still far more prominent in the episode and featured a not so frantic race to stop the release of the virus. There were some interesting characters and twists along the way that made the episode fun. The story itself was very unoriginal, but I distinctly remember an episode of another show with the exact same plot. Someone doesn't get funding from the government, so he creates the problem to show the government that he needs funding.

Score: 9.0/10


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