Thursday, February 18, 2010

Review - Leverage Season 2 Episode 15 The Maltese Falcon Job

Nate is handcuffed to a rail, bleeding from a gunshot wound, the FBI are all around him, and the rest of the team is flying off in a helicopter. If you didn't see that coming, I didn't either. I'd read that they would be a major event, but I thought it was the return of Sophie. Instead, there was an even bigger twist that set up the beginning of season 3. The team will break Nate out of prison in the first couple episodes, and maybe, just maybe, there'll be a lasting effect.

Continuing from last week's to be continued, the team unraveled the what was really going on and started on a new plan which unfortunately came undone quickly. The guy behind everything is Tony Kadjic (Paul Blackthorne). Nate and Elliot meet with him to continue the deal, but Kadjic decides to kill them after the mayor calls. Elliot pummels his way out and Sophie arrives as back up after giving instructions for Tara to call if Nate becomes too unstable. It's too late, because the police are there already. Nate had Tara and Parker destroy all the evidence on Kadjic, so if Sterling wants to capture the real criminals, he needs Nate to testify.

Lots of tension in the episode, unexpected twists, and hilarious moments. Within the usual action sequences that you'd see on a normal show, the characters really set themselves apart, and Dean Devlin has done an amazing job with each aspect of the show. It's filled with action and character development which puts the show above many mindless action shows.

Score: 9.4/10

Was Gina Bellman still pregnant? From her costume to everyone's positioning, she was covered up a lot.

Was Tara exit enough? She bonded with the team and viewers in a short amount of time, but her exit was as unceremonious as her entrance half a season ago.

Sophie and Nate kissing. Does it mean something for the future?


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