Monday, February 8, 2010

Review - Undercover Boss Season 1 Episode 1 Waste Management, Inc

FAAAAAAKE! I got to hand it to CBS. They managed to churn out a disgusting, exploitative piece of shit ripe for millions of gullible Americans to gobble up. I did a quick search on Twitter last night after the Super Bowl and found mostly comments of high praise, and many proclaiming it to be the best show ever.

The show is a PR boon for Waste Management Inc intended to endear the viewers with Larry O'Donnell, the president of the company and the various low-level employees he meets along the way. Immediately we learn that Larry has a handicapped daughter. The sole purpose is to garner sympathy from the get-go, but is carefully disguised as Larry's motivation for people to follow rules.

With a pseudonym and camera crew, Larry/Randy charges head first into the world of low-level work, sending a whopping total of FIVE days doing various jobs. Wow!!! And he isn't even working that hard half the time. They first teach him to do the job, and even then he's not working that hard (but of course he thinks he is). Where he finds his heart is when he sees the lives of his employees (the ones that actually work).

The employees complain about this practice and that practice. Larry wonders how it could be. Let's think this through. Larry hands down an order to the person below him. The person below him hands the other down, and so forth until they get down to the bottom where the plan is actually implemented. You mean Larry doesn't know what's happening at the bottom of his company?!?!?! Preposterous.

The pay-off in the end was possibly the worst part of the episode. Underneath the typical musical montage, words scroll telling the viewer how circumstances have changed for the various employees. What the producers didn't realize was that there were no real changes. In the world of reality, the employees are still getting paid little and Larry goes back to his yacht.

Score: Bullshit/10


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