Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Review - Damages Season 3 Episode 11 All That Crap About Your Family

There's two episodes left in the series, and I'm dreading the day the final episode airs. Despite reports that DirecTV will pick up Damages as they did with Friday Night Lights, the ratings are simply too low for the show to be saved. FNL got at least 3 times as many viewers as Damages and at least 5 times more in 18-49 adults. I have no clue how DirecTV could make money from picking up Damages, which is not a cheap show.

The case took a startling turn for the worse, ending the episode with uncertainty and almost nowhere to go. Patty manages to get Tessa out of jail by providing Curtis Gates the information to arrest Carol. The plan is for Tessa to go back to Antigua and take a closer look at the documents she was using to deposit the money. That would lead them right to the offending charity and everyone except the Tobins will be happy. Joe, scared that Tessa will talk, plans to have her killed. Leonard Winstone tells Marilyn to inform Joe that Tessa is his daughter. Leonard has a heart and wouldn't want to see a father kill his daughter. On the other hand, Marilyn's greed has overcome her and she doesn't tell Joe even thought she tells Leonard she did. Tessa ends up shot and the documents are stolen.

The Frobisher movie is underway and it isn't going well. Terry Brooke decides he needs to dive into the real Frobisher and ends up banging a chick in a car and snorting drugs. Frobisher drops a hint about how far he would go. Will Frobisher say something about David's murder?

Ellen discovers the deal behind Annie, and I was kind of disappointed there wasn't a bigger connection. Ellen's father had made the situation so bad at home that Ellen and her sister were adopted by Annie. Could that be why her sister is messed up? With Patty mad at her, Curtis Gates leaving her out in the cold, and these new revelations about her family, Ellen turns to David, his ghost, to talk out her problems.

The rift between Patty and Tom grows after Patty learns of Tom's engagement with Tessa. She definitely fuming, but enough to have Tom killed? The flashforwards were gone for another week, and with the penultimate episode next week, I doubt we'll get any more clues of what happens.

Patty and Ellen's relationship has gone up and down and up and down multiple times. In one episode, Patty first goes into her trance-like state, accusing Ellen of embarrassing her on purpose. She says Ellen is a parasite, always looking to get to the top. Her hypocrisy is just incredible, but as she works with Alex Benjamin and her mindset is more stable, she remembers Ellen saying she didn't like Alex, and fires Alex on the spot. I don't fully understand why, but I think she finds a kindred spirit in Ellen.

Score: 9.4/10
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