Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Review - United States of Tara Season 2 Episode 6 Torando!

If wish United States of Tara Season was on a night where there isn't as many shows, preferably Wednesday, Friday, or the weekend. There's so many good things about it and so little time to dedicate to it. "Torando!" was one of my favorite episodes of the series.

With the torando coming, Tara, Max, Kate in Valhalla Hawkwind outfit, Marshall, Charmaine, and the gays pack into the basement. I loved the character interaction and it only got better when Tara's alters--Buck, Alice, Shoshona, but no T--come out in quick succession. Shoshona, in the process of revaling that Charmaine's baby is actually Neil's, also lets slip that Tara and Charmaine have a pack (probably from their childhood).

Last season, the search for Tara's rapist was physical and turned into a rather average whodunit. Now, we have Tara and Shoshana also searching, but it's all inside Tara's mind. It's not what someone did to her, but what she is hiding. By focusing on Tara instead of someone else, getting to the bottom of Tara's illness has been much better.

Score: 9.3/10
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