Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Review - Modern Family Season 1 Episode 21 Travels with Scout

With the season winding down, an episode like "Travels with Scout" worries me about whether the writers still have fresh ideas. Along with the episode a while back promoting the iPad to no end, there have been a few subpar episodes lately. Until now, there haven't been any episode which had no enjoyable subplots. I didn't laugh once at anything and was left unsatisfied in the end.

Usually, summarizing the plot of Modern Family takes several due to the various twists and developments. "Travels with Scout" hardly had anything going on, opting for funny scenes here and there. Jay takes Manny to a horror movie and Manny, very predictably, freaks out the entire episode. No consoling in the end, just freaking out from beginning to end. Phil's father, Frank (Fred Willard), comes to town, alone and with a dog for the Dunphys. Claire hears him crying, and at first suspects something about Phil's mother. She is also wary about having the dog around and grows to love the dog. Frank leaves, really without any development, with the dog, which was the reason why he was crying. Dylan's band loses its drummer, but Cam is a drummer, so he fills in like a pro until the original drummer comes back.

Just as a side note, why did Claire pronounce "route" as "root?"

Score: 7.7/10
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