Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Review - Damages Season 3 Episode 12 You Were His Little Monkey

Is anyone else slightly worried about the season finale? "You Were His Little Monkey" moved every storyline forward, but only so they could be resolved later. Frobisher, Wes, Michael and Jill, Patty, Julian and the horse, Tom's death, and Leonard Winstone all look like they will get some kind of ending. I hadn't expected all the loose ends to be tied up by the end of the season and certainly not all in the final episode. We'll have to hope the writers can cram it all into a 90 minute episode without being too frenetic.

Patty is nearly crushed during the episode, having lost Tom and Tessa, but with the break on Leonard Winstone, she's back in the game. Tom had purposely leaked his financial information, so he would get fired and be able to make a deal with Leonard/Lester. Tom's proactivity, however, comes at the cost of his life as we are reminded at the end of the episode.

Jill takes $500k from Patty to leave, but in dealing with her son, Patty is completely myopic, and doesn't realize that Jill will just take the money and not leave which is exactly what she does. Now it looks more likely Patty will kill Jill like Tom.

Frobisher doesn't make an appearance and I doubt we'll see the movie, but Terry Brook comes forward with the name Rick Messer. Messer's name links to Wes, and apparently Ellen never looked into him, so that's the first time anyone is hearing of this. Hopefully Frobisher will finally get what's coming to him.

If Frobisher story was to be tied up this season, I would have wanted it to be wrapped up earlier. The season finale will be packed beyond belief and I have a hard time keeping interested if there are so many threads bouncing around without focus.

Score: 8.8/10
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