Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Review - V (2009) Season 1 Episode 7 John May

So what exactly is V? From all indications, V is a shapeless sci-fi show with a collection of great scenes that don't really fit together and other very stupid scenes. ABC banked on two sci-fi shows this years--FlashForward and V--both of which started great. As they went on, they began to crumble under the absence of a solid foundation. Neither show has particularly compelling characters and while the concepts are good, the producers seem to have no clue how to proceed. FlashForward is spent with people going on a pointless investigation, wondering if the future is really what they saw, and illogical actions all over the place. V is spent with people going on pointless investigations, aliens being crafty, and illogical actions all over the place. I still think V is the better show and I had banked on it, because it had more potential, having aired less episodes than FlashForward; however, as each episode ends, I am less and less inclined to believe in the show.

After all the buildup and the name of the episode as "John May," it turns out the famous hero is dead. We won't be seeing Michael Trucco again unless it's more flashbacks. Seriously? He is nothing more than a mythical rallying figure. Since we can't see what kind of following the name John May brings, and there's only been hints of how big the Fifth Column is, it's hard to see his impact, especially because he's dead. We see Ryan's origin story or meeting and then killing John May (though we never see the actual killing). He's a loyal V through and through, but meeting John slowly changes him.

The stuff with John's stepson, James, was horrendous and doesn't need any explanation. Simultaneously, a rival of Tyler for most annoying character was introduced (James) and a big deal was made about him and storage for a simple communicator.

The big secret about Tyler is that he's not Joe's son or the tests indicated that. On another note, everyone seems to be calling Joe Krycek, but I don't want to sully Krycek's good name with inferior sci-fi. Where is this going? Is Tyler half Visitor or somehow related? That would be a reason why he's no Joe's son and why the Visitor's are interested in him.

Chad is finally challenging Anna upfront about the live-in program. He sees that these people don't have a stake in the world and are rather expendable. Sadly for him, his knowledge makes him expendable as well.

There was some maternal problems this week. Anna's pregnancy turns her an odd shade of green and Valerie's baby is doing crazy things. Anna lays many eggs at the end of the episode, but Valerie finds Ryan's safe, complete with the sonogram and other documents. Ryan gives her a call and is ready to explain everything, but by the time he comes home, she has already run off.

Score: 8.5/10
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