Friday, April 16, 2010

Review - Supernatural Season 5 Episode 18 Point of No Return

There's been plenty of action in 99 episode. In the 100th, "Point of No Return," there was deliberately few actions scenes, instead giving way to those soft moments between the characters that have become commonplace and remain what can only be described as sublime. At the end of the episode, Sam and Dean have another important talk. Sam trusted Dean, but Dean don't trust Sam not to say yes. Now, they will trust each other and do things on their own.

As with the appearance of Lisa at the end of the last episode, I felt that Adam was way out of place. We haven't seen him for who knows how long, and he hasn't crossed my mind since the episode aired. The writers did the best they could to integrate Adam will the general morbid feeling that is now all-consuming, but it's impossible to fully bring a character, who has only appeared in one episode, to fit in with what everyone else has been doing for the past season.

It looks like Adam will be Michael's vessel, so he'll be a integral part of the show. Zachariah is finally dead unless he has more tricks up his sleeve. There's 4 episodes left in the season which means the endgame is coming. "Point of No Return" didn't indicate anything from Lucifer's side, but now we know Michael has a vessel and Sam and Dean are bucking destiny totally.

Score: 9.2/10
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