Sunday, April 11, 2010

Preview of Week 04/11/10 - 04/17/10

Treme - HBO, Sunday, April 11, 10:00pm ET

David Simon has an uncanny ability for immersing viewers into a completely different world. We'll see if he can do it again with post-Katrina New Orleans.

House - Fox, Monday, April 12, 8:00pm ET

There's a lockdown which causes weird parings of characters. Also, Cameron returns...

The Big Bang Theory - CBS, Monday, April 12, 9:00pm ET

Wil Wheaton is back! That means Sheldon will get another chance to bring down his nemesis.

Damages  - FX, Monday, April 12, 10:00pm ET

The penultimate episode of the season/series will have twists. That's all anyone can predict about the show. I don't understand why the ratings are so low.

Human Target - Fox, Wednesday, April 14, 8:00pm ET

I'm not interested in the show anymore, but all the hints will finally come to fruition as we see flashbacks of Chance and how he came to be where he is now.

Supernatural, CW, Thursday, April 15, 9:00pm ET

The 100th episode of Supernatural looks to be particularly explosive. At the end of the last episode, Dean ran off to the angels. It looks like the situation isn't as simple as it seems.

Not that anyone cares, but the season premieres of Army Wives and The Tudors are on Sunday, April 11.
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