Monday, April 12, 2010

Review - House Season 6 Episode 16 Lockdown

This episode was really a mixed bag for me. I'm encouraged that the writers are trying to break away from the medical complacency with episodes like "Broken," "Wilson," "5 to 9," and now "Lockdown." However, the execution was terrible for most of the episode.

A baby goes missing, so the hospital is put on lockdown. This creates pairings--House and a dying patient, 13 and Wilson, Foreman and Taub, Chase and Cameron--that remain constant throughout the episode. 13 and Wilson go the silly route, playing truth or dare. The result is Wilson asking out his ex-wife. Why does 13 have to be so smug? Foreman and Taub are down in the basement looking over files. We learn that Foreman is there is take his file, because... Yeah, we don't really learn what he's doing. Their Vicodin use to "get in House's head" was absurdly stupid, though it was a tiny bit funny. Chase and Cameron finally talk, and Cameron comes to the realization that she may never have loved Chase, and if she did, it never would have worked. She's too messed up for a relationship. They settle everything by dancing and sleeping together. At least they have a resolution, but I wish they could have gone deeper into their issues rather than a superficial passover.

House saves the episode from being a disaster with his conversation with the dying professor. He's very human and doesn't disparage the professor, even staying until the end. They discuss their issues, and House brings up Lydia who made him rethink that he should be alone.

And the missing baby? Cuddy finds her in the laundry.

Score: 8.5/10
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