Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Review - Doctor Who 5.4 The Time Of Angels

Tom Wilson is having internet problems, so here are his thoughts on the episode.

I didn't like the episode first time around but the reaction i saw on Twitter was very positive so I decided to watch it again & sure enough & thankfully I really enjoyed it.

I wasn't really concentrating first time around to be honest because of the Arsenal Man City game so I missed the many wonderful moments I enjoyed while watching with 100% concentration.

The story was the best one this season, the dialogue was very well written. There was some great scenes & some really great lines. The angels were a lot more aggressive than they were in Blink, the scenes where they killed those two soldiers were great. I liked the noise of the necks breaking.

The moment of the ep was the scene where the dead scared soldier spoke to the doctor via the angels, it was also briliantly & extremely dark. It's as dark & as chilling as anything I've seen on Doctor Who before.

I also thought the music was very good, at certain points it reminded me of Lost.

There was a lot of lines I liked but 2 of my favourites where these:

"I don't need you to die for me, do you think I'm that clingy".

"I swear to whatever is left of you they will be sorrier".
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