Thursday, April 15, 2010

Review - Bones Season 5 Episode 17 The Death of the Queen Bee

Bones has been taking trips down memory lane lately, and they've been fun for the most part. "The Death of the Queen Bee" took Brennan and Booth to Brennan's high school reunion where another set of bones are found. The signs indicate a close resemblance to bones found when Brennan graduated.

The highlight of the episode was Ray Buxley, the exceedingly creepy janitor played by Robert Englund. There are many hilarious scenes paralleling the murder weapons with what Ray is doing. Of course Ray is too obvious to be the murderer, but his scenes were a perfect blend of creepiness and humor from his friendly relationship with Brennan and the entirety of the situation.

We meet Brennan's old classmates who are still unfriendly to her. I can't blame them, since Brennan announces her wealth and success up front. If she had more tact, I'm sure people would like her better. The end of the episode features Brennan and everyone else, her real friends, having a good time. The writer tried to make the point high school dynamics don't chance while people actually do.

Her graduating class is a mixture of weird and that's reinforced when the murderer, Julie, is caught. Julie and the murdered, Evelyn, had made a pact in 1994 to kill , Brad's girlfriend, Sarah, so they could share him. After Evelyn and Brad got married, Julie wanted her chance with Brad. I guess Brennan wasn't the craziest person at her high school.

Back at the lab, Wendell finds out about the pregnancy scare and talks to Angela, acting like it's a chore or duty to be with her if she was pregnant. Angela realizes this and they break up, opening the door for Hodgins.

Score: 9.1/10
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