Monday, April 12, 2010

Review - Breaking Bad Season 3 Episode 4 Green Light

Walt has officially gone off the reservation. In a span of one episode, he tries to smash Ted's window with a huge pot, creating a huge scene at Skyler's work, wrestles with Saul Goodman, tries to make out with the principal, Carmen, and gets mad at Jesse for recreating the blue meth. It was too farcical for my taste and didn't invoke any greater feelings as the show usually does other than mild amusement. Bryan Cranston is great at those scenes, but those awkward scenes jammed in one episode didn't help with anything.

Hank is dropped off at the airport to go to El Paso, but takes the first chance to split for a Heisenberg lead. Clearly he is avoiding El Paso as long as he can, ignoring his superior and following a trail that could be very long. After juicing "m" as the first letter of the dealer's name from a hilariously brain dead meth-head, he follows the lead to the gas station girl Jesse had given meth to earlier. He checks out the camera of the ATM and is one step closer to Heisenberg. Despite the dual purpose of what he's doing, at least Hank got something done for once. His boss asks him once and for all if he is going to El Paso tonight. Hank answers no, almost breaking down on the spot, but quickly retraces his steps to add that only because he is close to something big.

Jesse is back to cooking meth and all the junkies seem to like his stuff. Walt's pride and bullheadedness drives the rift between them even further, but we see how Walt may be inclined to get back into the business if only for personal and not monetary reasons. Gus is cleverly manipulating both of them, giving half the money to Jesse and half the money to Walt while buying Jesse's supply, almost goading Walt to take money he hasn't earned. Of course, the goal is that Walt will refuse to passively accept the money and jump back in with Jesse.

Following Walt's outburst to talk to Ted, everything knows Skyler is f___ing Ted. She's now a social outcast at work, having slept with the despicable Ted. Even though she's made her point to Walt, she continues sleeping with Ted. Is she making a point for the lady in the copy or is there something more?

"Green Light" was mostly filler to set up the next few episodes, so there wasn't much plot development or anything that really stuck out. The Cousins were conspicuously absent and didn't add their usual foreboding dread, although they did paint a yellow Santa Muerte sickle in front of Walt's house at some point.. In all serialized dramas, there will be those kind of episodes, necessary, but not particularly exciting. The season is still going great and I can't wait to see what happens.

Score: 8.8/10
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