Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Review - V (2009) Season 1 Episode 8 We Can't Win

Either I'm going crazy or this was by far the worst episode of the series. Other than certain parts with the Visitors, I was completely uninterested with the entire episode. With the ratings still falling, the series was probably not going to get renewed already and an episode like this will only continue the drop.

Erica and the gang try to catch a Visitor, using a teacher turned frightened Fifth Column resistance member, Alex Caruso, as bait. Caruso is killed and the sniper is actually a human. Yes, the plot was that simple and boring.

Anna invites herself to a U.N. conference, but the Secretary General doesn't want her there. He makes a good point when he says that many jobs will be lost due to the Visitors. Blue energy, a seemingly renewable, clean, and efficient, power source would displace all other forms of energy. Not only would it affect the energy industry, it would also completely disrupt natural market forces and throw the world economy into disarray. However, following the Visitor's amazing save of Timbal's infrastructure, the UN votes to let Anna speak. She brings in the blue energy which everyone loves. The Secretary General is further convinced Anna is up to something. If they are just visitors, they shouldn't be playing politics by saving people and use the advantage to speak to the UN.

The two Fifth Column members that have been running the empathy tests find that Lisa fails the test. They debate what they should do next. Having her killed under Anna's instructions to kill all who fail who be a blow to the Visitors. Lisa could also be a helpful ally if she fully comes around to their side. In the end, they let her live and one of them tells Lisa that she owes him a favor in the future.

The parts I focused on were the ones that I liked. The majority of the episode was stupid.

Score: 7.0/10
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