Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Review - Lost Season 6 Episode 12 Everybody Loves Hugo

I was really busy tonight and it's midnight, so if this review is way shorter than previous ones, that's why.

Including the two-hour series finale, there are now 5 episodes left. Everything is becoming that much clearer and the end is in sight. I like "Everybody Loves Hugo" to the point where the storylines are finally moving in the right direction. Ultimately, there aren't many story developments, but rather several shocking scenes that jumped out before the episode went back into a general malaise.

Was Ilana a wasted character? We barely learned anything about her after 12+ episodes and I thought there was tons of potential in where her character could go. She is instinctively devoted to Jacob, so she should be intertwined in the fate of the island. At least the explosion was cool.

Locke throws Demons down a well on the island and in return, Desmond runs down poor ol' Locke in the wheelchair in the flash-sideways. Fair? Probably not since it's actually Smokey that was using Locke.

Hugo is still primarily a comedic character, but his scenes with Libby weren't bad at all. The love conquers all theme is back and appears to be the only connection between the island and the flash-sideways. Be honest. If Lost didn't have such a great track record, wouldn't we be balking at the sappy love stuff already?

The whispers were finally explained as ghosts of people who can't move on. Does anyone actually care? It wasn't shocking and didn't seem particularly relevant. Thankfully, Michael didn't say "Walt" once in his brief return as a ghost, and he turned Hugo around, directing him not to blow up the plane.

I don't know if it is my fatigue, but "Everybody Loves Hugo" wasn't really my thing. There wasn't much to complain about the solid episode, but there wasn't much to see either.

Score: 8.9/10
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