Thursday, April 15, 2010

Review - Foyle's War Season 7 Episode 1 The Russian House

I've never heard of the show until John Powers recommended it, but I checked it out and ended up watching all the episodes. The seasons are quite short compared to American shows--sometimes only two episodes per season. The episodes, however, are quite long comparably and are over an hour long each.

I'm not sure how many people watch the show, so if anyone wants me to do a longer review, leave a comment.

Coinciding with the end of the WWII, the dynamic has changed on all levels. Milner, now detective inspector in Brighton, is rather cold to Sam and Foyle, seeing himself as no longer their colleagues, but rather as someone who does his job and sticks strictly to the jurisdiction which does not involve Sam or Foyle. Foyle and Sam are still friendly, but Foyle no longer needs a driver, having learned to drive during the time skip.

On a larger scale, the Conservative Party is voted out at the end of the episode and the Labour Party is voted in. The murder revolves around what happens after the war is often. Despite the sigh of relief from the end of the war, there is still work to be done. Russian POWs captured by the British are doing anything they can not to be sent back to Russia after hearing what Stalin did to a group of them earlier.

I wonder how Sam and Milner will be integrated into the next few episodes, and it'll probably be another big coincidence, but I liked the episode a lot anyways.

Score: 9.0/10
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