Friday, April 16, 2010

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Thursday 04/15/10

CBS won with Survivor (3.8), CSI (3.0), and a repeat of The Mentalist (2.4). CBS took another drop towards the 2 area which is pretty scary.

Fox was second with Bones (2.9) and Fringe (2.5).

NBC was third with repeats of The Office (1.4, 1.7) and SNL in the 2000s (2.9).

ABC was last--even below the CW--with FlashForward (1.4) and repeats of Grey's Anatomy (1.4) and Private Practice (1.1). Just to dispel a common myth circulating. The three month layoff of FlashForward was not the reason for the drop in ratings. If you look at the ratings prior to the hiatus, they were already going into the toilet.
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