Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Monday 04/26/10

Fox won with House (4.2) and 24 (2.8). Is the increased interest in 24 because it is the final episodes or because people actually like the season?

ABC was second with Dancing with the Stars (4.4), Romantically Challenged (2.6), and a repeat of Castle (1.9). Romantically Challenged dropped .3 to begin is crawl towards cancellation.

CBS was third with a repeat of How I Met Your Mother (1.6), Rules of Engagement (2.5), and repeats of Two and a Half Men (3.1), The Big Bang Theory (3.6), and CSI: Miami (1.8).

Lowly NBC was last with Chuck (2.1), Trauma (1.5), and a repeat of Law & Order (1.4). That was the likely series finale of Trauma.
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