Thursday, April 15, 2010

Review - Criminal Minds Season 5 Episode 19 A Rite of Passage

The backdoor pilot last week was severely lacking in profiling, so it was nice to see an episode with an interesting premise and the usual procedural stuff. That said, there wasn't anything that stuck out other than the use of the big guns, which Reid disappointingly couldn't use.

Heads of illegal immigrants are found in a small town in Texas and the BAU is called in. Initially, the cartel is suspected, but they disappear until the end. It was clear that the unsub would one of the sheriff's deputies, and Deputy Boyd turns out to be the unsub after he kills Sheriff Ruiz and goes on a shooting rampage.

Since illegal immigration is such a volatile issue, the writers treated it lightly, offering an argument for both sides. One side says these people need help and the other says they should come through the front door. After that, it was all about finding the unsub.

Score: 8.6/10
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