Saturday, April 10, 2010

Review - Legend of the Seeker Season 2 Episode 16 Desecrated

The schedule for the show has been really annoying, so we'll finally have a string of new episodes until May.

Sometimes I wonder how self-conscious the writers are about how cheesy the show is, and "Desecrated" was one of those episodes. The plots were all silly, but framed as silly business.

The mummy shooting out bandages to drag pull people into its grasps looked incredibly ridiculous and low budget. I'm not sure if there's any good way to have a mummy look cool using bandages as a rope. Its arms are stretched and there are thin white bandages flying out and attaching onto someone. The mummy itself didn't look good either and was out of place.

An angry guy singles out 5 people for Richard to kill if he wants Cara and Kahlan back. It turns out his sons died in the war while the others payed off the duke to not be drafted. Playing into the theme of self-sacrifice, the son of the duke wants to let himself be taken to trap the mummy, but Richard solves the situation easily with this overpowered powder.

I liked the bonding between Kahlan and Cara right up until Kahlan offers to sacrifice herself, Cara offers to sacrifice herself, and then they fight over Cara picking up the knife. If both weren't delirious from the lack of air, I don't know how they think.

Score: 8.5/10
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