Friday, April 9, 2010

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Thursday 04/0710

CBS was first with Survivor (3.8), CSI (3.4), and The Mentalist (3.5). After low numbers last week, CBS rebounded against repeats.

Fox was second with Bones (2.8) and Fringe (2.3). Bones was up .3 from last week, but Fringe was only up .1 against repeats.

NBC was third with repeats of Community (1.2), Parks and Recreation (1.3), The Office (1.9), 30 Rock (1.6), and a new episode of The Marriage Ref (2.1).

ABC was last with FlashForward (1.6) and repeats of Grey's Anatomy (1.4) and Private Practice (1.1). FlashForward is surely a goner.
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