Friday, April 30, 2010

Review - Community Season 1 Episode 22 The Art of Discourse

I'm short on time, so I'll be brief.

A large portion of the episode, including the end, was taken up by the one-not story about Jeff and Britta being teased by teenagers. Community usually has a way of humanizing things like this in its own quirky way, and though Britta and Jeff did bond, the writers went over the top and had the characters simply bombard each other with nonsensical phrases and then have a food fight.

Because I don't like Pierce and don't find him funny, I liked seeing him get kicked out of the group for pantsing Shirley, an atrocious thing to do even by Pierce's standards. The group falls apart and eventually comes back together once Pierce and Shirley understand each other better. It didn't feel genuine to me, but that's mostly because my brain is telling me Pierce will always be a lout.

Even though Abed and Troy's story never really went anywhere, I liked seeing them try out so many different things in the end of the episode. It was like the stuff they usually do at the end of every episode packed into one.

Score: 8.7/10
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