Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Review - Justified Season 1 Episode 6 The Collection

Raylan didn't shoot anyone this week! But the criminals did, so I guess it makes up for that. The case of the week--yes, I'll call it that because Justified is a procedural--was standard stuff. There's art forgery, backstabbing wife, trainer in cahoots with the wife, and a fake suicide.

More importantly, there were some important conversations about Raylan's past and about his father that elevated the episode beyond a typical episode. Raylan's ex-wife, Winona, comes by his office and asks for information on two names. Her husband, Gary, is apparently in sketchy business dealings, but the two people don't have anything outstanding. When Winona drops by Raylan's place, he asks her about their marriage, and for the first time, tells her that it's been eating at him.

AUSA David Vasquez shows up at the crime scene poking around into Raylan, and there is much to look into. Although he is investigating Raylan's stuff in Miami, digging could turn up Raylan's involvement with Ava, derailing the prosecution of Boyd, who is now "reformed."

The scenes between Raylan and Winona really made the episode. It would be criminal of me not to point out the funniest exchange of the episode.

Raylan: "Was he funnier than me? Smarter? Does he have more money? Bigger house? Bigger dick?"
Winona: "Yes, no, no,, I didn't measure."

Score: 8.9/10
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