Monday, April 19, 2010

Why Syfy shouldn't move its dramas to Tuesdays

There was startling news coming out of Syfy last week. The network is picking up Friday Night Smackdown and moving original dramas to Tuesdays. Everyone's gut reaction was, Hell NO!! And for good reason. Syfy logic is a bit shoddy. Using the example of Warehouse 13, the executives seem enthusiastic about the prospects of the move. Small problem: Warehouse 13 aired during the summer. Somehow this simple fact slipped their mind. If you look at the season finale ratings for Warehouse 13, when it actually went up against usual broadcast competition, it got absolutely crushed.

The competition won't be as stiff next year with Lost out of the way, but Tuesdays were highly competitive even before Lost came back. NCIS is a ratings beast, The Biggest Loser is beast, American Idol is out of this world, and Glee is also a beast. Currently, Syfy dramas are competing against light reality shows and CBS's female oriented dramas on Friday nights. How could they stand to compete against some of the most popular shows?
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