Sunday, April 18, 2010

Merlin Season 1 DVD Giveaway

The first season of Merlin is released on DVD Tuesday, April 20. I have two brand new DVD boxsets from Warner Bros to give away.

In a new retelling of the Arthur legend, Merlin sets the scene before The Knights of the Round Table and before Arthur is even king. As if to fit with the changing attitudes of the 21st century, there is easing of distinct barriers of class and race, a change from the normally monochromatic rendition of the lore. Merlin is now Arthur's servant and odd look at their stations. Both are quite young and still unsure about their futures, so there's plenty of story to tell. We all know where they are headed, but in uncertainty, the two mesh well in their eventual quest to greatness.

The stories themselves are fairly generic and usually end expectedly. There's nothing groundbreaking, instead offering up a solid episode each time with a degree of wry charm and good-natured fun that allows for hours of enjoyable television.

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1. Join Twitter.
2. Follow @TheTVObsessed
3. Tweet the following message without the quotation marks: "Merlin Season 1 DVD Giveaway | Follow @TheTVObsessed and tweet this message to enter | Details"
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The deadline to enter is April 30.
You can enter a maximum of 4 times.
If you win, I'll contact you over Twitter, so you'll have to actually use it to receive the DVD.

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