Thursday, December 24, 2009

10-day Lost rewatch: Day 4

Sorry for not posting an evening update last night. I was planning on finishing the episode I was on, updating the post, and then watching three more episodes. Then I fell asleep before finishing the episode I was on. Yeah, it's sad.

Morning Report:

I'm on season 2 episode 15 and I hope to get well into season 3 by the end of the day. I'm done with a third of the series and I have 7 days left, so I'll be slowing down soon. Charlie with his high pitched whiny voice is about as annoying as Michael. Dominic Monaghan works as the hapless druggie, but as a villain on FlashForward, he clearly doesn't work. Having watched all the episodes continuously, I feel that season 2 drags on much more than season 1.

Mid-day Report:

I'm on season 2 episode 22 now which is very close to the end of the second season. Michael has now shot Ana Lucia, Libby, and himself. He has great motivation to get his son back, but he's such a bad person when he tries to get Walt back. It's fine if he's simply annoying, but shooting people crosses a line. Out of the main character deaths so far, I would rank them as Boone, Libby, Shannon, and finally Ana Lucia.

Evening Report:

It's Christmas Eve, so I didn't really watch that much. I'm on season 3 episode 3 which is about halfway through the series. I'll be gone for half of tomorrow so I won't get very many episodes watched, but I'm ahead anyways. Michael in the first two seasons is the most one-sided character. Unlike Jin and Sawyer who change over time, Michael focuses on Walt the whole time and sells out his "friends." Even in the flashbacks he shows an unnatural devotion to his child who he has rarely seen. Charlie is another one of those annoying character's whose actions are predictable. When another guy is around Claire, he gets pushy. They're basically strangers and yet he acts like those creepy, possessive boyfriends. When someone acts him about drugs, he lies.


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