Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Review - The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 10 Lifeguard

"Lifeguard" was a very interesting episode that proved the show can change up the formula and work just as well. Alicia was more of a supporting this character this episode, and near the end, I was wondering where she'd gone. Of course she was still around, but the supporting cast was given a much bigger role this episode, and the need for Alicia to keep the show compelling was diminished.

The case seemed to be going fine when all these hurdles are thrown in the way. First, the black juvenile Alicia is defending gets a plea deal, but Judge Baxter decides to hand down a crazy 9-month detention. Then Alicia digs around and thinks he's racist, and has some statistical data to back up the claim. Baxter calls her on it, and gets mad that she would be even suggesting it. Kalinda talks to one of her shady sources and discovers that Baxter's wife may have been raped by an African American. More evidence of bias, right? Nope, Cary runs the stats on other factors and finds no difference in black or white. Further investigating reveals that Baxter has a gambling problem, and was sending juveniles to detention because overcrowding would send them to a private facility which gets money from the state.

Jackie continues the bitch of all bitches. This week, she called her son "honorable" with a straight face, and sprayed Grace's friend's mother with water. It's unbelievable how low she is. While Alicia can admit Baxter is not racist, and Will can admit Baxter is a bad person, Jackie still will not believe her son is a bad person. Here's a hint: he's a scumbag!

Alicia is not the only character with an interesting story which makes the show even better.. Diane is offered judgeship, but is later turned down due her implied meddling into Judge Baxter. Will is overjoyed to hear Diane may be leaving. We don't know exactly who he is or what his motives are, but Alicia has been given warning by her husband.

Score: 9.5/10


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