Sunday, December 13, 2009

Review - Legend of the Seeker Season 2 Episode 6 Fury

Subtlety is not Legend of the Seeker's strong suit, nor do I think it is the intent. Either that, or the writers are clueless. The themes in "Fury" are so blatantly laid out and simplistic, it's difficult to envision the writers actually wanting the viewers to think.

The Minders standing out against the slaves was rather forgettable other than the hilarious scene where everyone lined up in a perfectly straight line. Richard taking his band of freshly trained warriors (yes, two days is enough to make pacifists good enough kill lifelong thugs) to slaughter the slavers was very well made an added a brutality to the show that was lacking even though there is killing each week.

It was interesting that the compass lead Richard to a place where his anger would get unleashed. It also makes the job of the writers so much easier. If they want, everything that happens along to way can be attributed to where the compass is pointing, and the compass itself wants Richard to have character development. How convenient.

The scene in the end with Richard confronting everything he was angry at and Zedd countering came off as exceedingly cheesy. With the yelling and sound effects, I was already bothered by how loud it had become, and the silly dialogue only added to that.

Score: 8.5/10


Anonymous said...

If you like Legend of the Seeker, I highly suggest Merlin, the BBC-1 Show. It did start out a bit shakey (those who watched it on NBC this past summer will agree) but the end turned out pretty impressive. It's got a great cast, and the story line is really good for this season. It also was just renewed for a third season.

TV Obsessed said...

I don't really like fantasy television. I find it sanctimonious without the coolness of science fiction. The only reason I watch Legend of the Seeker is that for whatever reason, my brother really likes the show.

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