Saturday, December 5, 2009

Review - Legend of the Seeker Season 2 Episode 5 Wizard

After my brother bother me enough, I finally decided to watch the show, and I caught up earlier this week. Overall the show is pretty good, and is fun to watch every week. The biggest problem I have with the show is the acting. For the most part it is decent, but there are times I wonder how certain scenes could have made it onto television, Occasionally the dialogue is blatantly cheesy and Craig Horner says the line in the most ridiculous that makes you cringe at first and laugh later. In the beginning of the series, it happened a lot, but lately there have been less of those moments. The action using visual effects, and the landscape of New Zealand makes the acting problems minimal.

"Wizard" was one of those fun episodes where magic lets everything imaginable happen. Shota being Shota decides to replace Richard as the Seeker and the plan backfires terribly. She wipes Zedd's memory, and makes him younger. Young Zedd without any self-restraint makes a prostitute his queen, creates a castle, and declares himself the Seeker.

The resolution felt a bit anticlimatic since magic in their universe is vastly overpowered and can solve everything. It would have been interesting to see a sidequest where they make Richard young again.

Score: 9.0/10


Griff said...

I've been debating watching this show myself. Seems a bit like "Merlin", which I've been very into since it launched, but the cheese factor you mentioned on this one has kept me away til now. Maybe I'll give it a shot.

I posted on your comments a few days ago about how much I enjoy your reviews and really do think you would be an amazing fit for my new blog

Please think about it and let me know; it would be a great opportunity for you to reach a larger audience and join our community of solid writers.


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