Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Monday 11/30/09 - Heroes canceled?

With the other networks airing repeats or specials, Fox easily won the night with House (4.8) and Lie to Me (2.7). After the steep drop last week, House has not fully recovered yet.

The CBS repeated did quite well with How I Met Your Mother (2.0), Accidentally on Purpose (1.7), Two and a Half Men (3.2), The Big Bang Theory (3.2), and CSI: Miami.

NBC did terrible against worse competition with Heroes (2.3) Trauma (1.6), and The Jay Leno Show (1.2). Watch with Kristin reported that it will be Heroes last season. Considering the sagging ratings that show not sign of recovery despite cries of creative genius before the season, NBC isn't making a bad decision for the once great series.

ABC did well with How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2.8), Shrek the Halls (2.9), Find My Family (2.0), and a Castle repeat (1.6).


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