Friday, December 11, 2009

Review - Community Season 1 Episode 12 Comparative Religion

Community executed its Christmas episode much better than Modern Family, leaving us with a nice taste in our mouths until January. The show was inconsistent in the beginning, but we haven't had a real dud in a while.

Shirley wants to have a Christmas party, but won't let Jeff come if he fights Mike (Anthony Michael Hall), the school bully. This all starts when Jeff defends Abed's honor which forced Abed to make references to My Bodyguard constantly.

Eventually Jeff confronts the bully, exchanging "sups" many times. Then everyone else comes out and in a hilarious scene, fight Michael and his shirtless friends.

There were exceptional moments relating to Jeff's future as a Spanish student. Senor Chang made periodic appearances, and as also Ken Jeong was brilliant. Later, Jeff learns he passes after Senor Chang gets everyone worried saying that he'll be teaching Jeff next semester and then adding that he's the only Spanish teacher. Annie gets excited and clarifies, saying that Senor Chang teaching them again was only "eh." Alison Brie did such a good job with the line that I rewatched it about 5 times.

Shirley's blatant bigotry and ignorance a bit too far. It just happens that the Christian was the one who knew nothing about other religions and didn't support other practices. Not surprisingly, it was on NBC which has been getting a leftist agenda pushed on it from the higher ups for some time now.

Score: 9.4/10


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