Thursday, December 24, 2009

January Return Dates

Lots of shows are coming back from extended breaks (2 months+), so here's a list of them with some of my thoughts.

Chuck - Sunday, January 10

I can't believe Chuck got renewed, but it's coming back with a two-hour season premiere and another episode the next day in the regular 8 PM time slot.

Big Love - Sunday, January 10

The long-term arcs for Big Love are very average, but the acting and occasional flashes of creative brilliance makes the show worth watching.

Leverage - Wednesday, January 13

The second season has undoubtedly been worse than the first which isn't too big a problem since the first season was so good. From what I read, Gina Bellman won't be showing up for a while.  

24 - Sunday, January 17

24 is my favorite show in television for the sheer force that is Jack Bauer. I don't care about plot holes or wacky storytelling; Kiefer Sutherland is still amazing after seven seasons and I am looking forward to the eighth season and hopefully ninth.

White Collar - Tuesday, January 19

I thought White Collar would be the best new drama of the season, but the stories have been lackluster. The chemistry and acting is still on par with the amazing pilot.

Burn Notice - Thursday, January 21

Burn Notice is finally back and Michael is back at square one trying to get back into the spy game. His motivations? We still don't know, but the show is still a blast to watch. 

Damages - Monday, January 25

Damages is a brilliant show and we are lucky to have gotten a third season. If not for the critical praise, the show would be a goner. 

Psych - Wednesday, January 27

The show is now about Shawn blurting out random dribble, but James Roday is such a great comedic actor it is actually funny. The show has gotten exceedingly stupid and I still laugh.


Anonymous said...

Dollhouse- Fridays, 9 pm. on FOX!!!!!!!!!!

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