Friday, December 18, 2009

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Thursday 12/17/09

CBS won again with Survivor (3.9), CSI (3.5), and The Mentalist (3.5). While the rest of the networks have stopped airing new episodes, CBS still has new episodes since they took extra weeks off around Thanksgiving, so they've been destroying everyone. Still, I thought CSI and The Mentalist should have done better since their usual rivals Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice were repeats and had terrible ratings.

NBC came in second with a very strong SNL: A Gilly Christmas (3.1) and The Jay Leno Show (1.7).

Fox, airing repeats, actually came in third with Bones (1.6) and Fringe (1.0). Once again, Fringe had a big drop-off from Bones which isn't a good sign.

ABC was last with Grey's Anatomy (0.9, 1.2) and Private Practice (0.9)

I have to make note of how close the CW came to ABC. With repeats of the Vampire Diaries (0.8), it came really close to ABC which is quite sad.


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