Saturday, December 12, 2009

Review - Dollhouse Season 2 Episode 8 A Love Supreme

What makes the cancellation of Dollhouse disappointing is that there is now a clear path to the show instead of the aimless wandering in season 1 and parts of season 2. It makes me think if these past few episodes aired earlier, the show would still be alive. Even though everyone watches the show is raving about it, those who stopped watching don't care. The show is already canceled, and they have run out of goodwill for a show that severely underperformed in the past.

Alpha is back, and Alan Tudyk was amazingly creepy again. This time, he's killing all of Echo's clients, so Joey Miner (Patton Oswalt) is brought in to be protected. I don't care for his character since he's just a creep, it is weird seeing him as a more sympathetic character though I still disliked him in the end.

Alpha devilish plan amounted to no more than to destroy Ballard, the one person who can have what he can never get. The last half of the episode amped up the action with Alpha imprinting all the dolls to fight back against the handlers, leading to Alpha capturing Ballard. Joss Whedon the most psychopathic showrunner (I'm being partially sarcastic) decided to leave Ballard brain dead. There is an easy out however. Alpha had created an imprint of Ballard, so I assume Topher should be able to fix him eventually.

In both episodes, there were great throwaway moments and humor unrelated to the story characteristic of Whedon shows. Maurissa Tancharoen made another appearance as Kilo in episode 7, being used as a test subject for Topher's remote wipe, imprinted with an angry black girl. Sierra and Victor as doctors was hilarious and Topher using the wipe stop them from kissing have me laughing.

Score: 9.4/10


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