Thursday, December 3, 2009

Review - FlashForward Season 1 Episode 10 A561984

This episode hasn't aired in the United States yet, so if you don't want to be spoiled, don't read ahead.

There is at least two things we can expect from FlashForward every week: yelling and illogical choices. What is shocking is that ten episodes into the series, there is still no likable character. In an attempt to make the characters "multifaceted" or "deep," the writers have lined up an ensemble cast with marginal acting and no

There were lots of twists this week, as I'm sure the writers tried to keep us interested until next year, and I actually liked them a lot. Simon appears to be less of a villain than previously thought, though he probably knows more than he's telling. He claims to have thought of the pylon idea in 1992 -- one year after they showed up Somalia -- and that current technology isn't enough to build them.

Shohreh Aghdashloo who plays Nhadra Udaya (that's what Wikipedia says...) tells Demetri and Mark that Mark is the one who kills Demetri. I know...WTF!! But then again, she's in league with D. Gibbons so it's probably a lie. Mark then goes crazy pulling his gun, and trying to kidnap (I know, I know) her, so he gets fired.

 Zoey finally made sense of her vision, and it wasn't pretty. Demetri's not there at all, and his parents are there because he's dead. Ouch... I remember everyone saying how great putting a black and Asian together was so great, breaking racial barriers (yada yada), but now the writers have bought fully into racial stereotypes. Demetri's parents are opposed to their marriage because it is an interracial couple. So much for being innovative.

The CIA seems to have some involvement in the whole business with the agent in China posing as FBI (who cares about checking credentials!). Maybe their ridiculous assertion that the Chinese caused the blackout makes more sense now. Instead of tipping their hand, they threw out the China idea which no one could take seriously.

The thing with Olivia and Lloyd is making more sense now, but I wish the writers had made the pace of the series quicker, and included it much earlier. We learn that Olivia and Lloyd could easily have met at Harvard, and Lloyd married his wife who he met their. Lloyd then makes a logical step which I was also thinking about. The flashforwards are actual a look at another universe as per the many-worlds theory.

I'm hoping FlashForward will continue to have as many good twists when it comes back. The characters may suck, the acting may suck, and there might not be that much logic, but damn those twists were cool.

Score: 8.8/10


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