Friday, December 25, 2009

10-day Lost rewatch: Day 5

Morning Report:

I'm on season 3 episode 7 right now and with 6 days left which means I'll only have to watch an average of 8 episodes per day. I'll be gone for half the day, so no update until the evening though I probably won't watch more than 5 episodes. So far, Jack seems even more of a tragic hero than Sawyer. All Sawyer is is a guy who wants love and loses it. But Jack is the guy who puts the weight of the world on his shoulders and loses it all in the process.

Evening Report:

I didn't get to watch very much so I'm on season 3 episode 11. I think I'll finish season 3 tomorrow and go easy for the rest of the 10 days. Season 4 and 5 only have a combined 31 episodes which could take me 2 days theoretically. On the same topic, I'm thinking of doing a two-day Chuck rewatch the weekend before the season premiere. The problem is that I would have to watch for 12 hours continuously on both days which I've never done. Since Michael is now out of the picture, my new character to hate is Charlie. He can't mind his own business and he's annoying while bothering everyone.


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