Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Review - Scrubs Season 9 Episode 3 Our Role Models

J.D. has made considerable growth over the seasons, but last night, he reverted to the petty, insecure J.D. from his intern days. He is always funny, but for a show like Scrubs that has significant character development and emotion, last night's episode felt empty. From constantly pestering Drew to the Dr. Cox brown nosing, J.D seemed like he had been transported from the past and sent into the trouble season nine where as a teacher, he should be different from when he was merely the student. Zach Braff's run will end very shortly with only 3 episodes left, so I am hoping we won't be left with the taste of an annoying, unlikable J.D.

I'm still not panicking, but I am not confident we'll still get high quality episodes we got last season. Lucy may grow into a great narrator and there is potential for her character as long as the writers make her different than J.D. or Elliot. Instead of saying things we've already heard, Lucy needs to be different and innovative. I liked her weird horse fetish which gave me the most laughs in an episode that wasn't that funny.

Drew has lots of potential being the old guy that knows everything and Dr. Cox go to guy. Denise continues to be funny and has plenty of room form growth. Turk is still Turk, so we know he'll be funny though there probably won't be much storylines for him. With the old character's established already, the new characters have to set themselves apart and totally remake the show into their show, not the Scrubs with J.D., Carla, and Elliot.

Score: 8.6/10


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