Wednesday, December 23, 2009

10-day Lost rewatch: Day 3

Morning Report:

Now I'm on season 2 episode 2. I won't be able to finish season 2 today, but I'll get close. Michael is starting up his cries of "Waalt!!" again after half a season of not being obnoxious. Even in the flashbacks he's annoying. The good thing is that the hatch is now open, and the annoying is offset by the awesome.

Mid-day Report:

I'm on season 2 episode 6. Around here is where things start coming together and it is sort of the turning point of the series from the unknown to some understanding. They're pushing the buttons in the hatch and the people who left on the boat meet up with the people in the tail end of the plane. The Others are still only a symbol, but they're coming up soon.


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