Sunday, December 13, 2009

Update - Taking another look at Lie to Me

When Lie to Me premiered this January, I found myself annoyed by the insistent focus on the science which seemed very unimpressive. I'm clearly no expert on human expressions, but what the people were thinking was plainly obvious. After three to four episodes, I got fed up over this wonderment of the science of lying. The movements weren't subtle, the "fast" movements were easily noticeable, so the feats of Cal were diminished in my eyes.

This season, Shawn Ryan of the The Shield took over as showrunner with the intent to focus more on the characters, and there has been lots of praise for the show. Since this is the case and the show has relatively few episodes, I'm going to watch the show through to the latest episode. I'm anal about watching all episodes of a show, so I'll probably catch up in a few weeks and report my new thoughts.


I finally finished catching up and boy was I missing out. The show is still a procedural, but probably the most unique one out there. The stories are fresh and the characters really mix well together and the stories. I shouldn't have stopped watching so soon, but now I'm back on board and fully invested.


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