Saturday, December 12, 2009

Review - Dollhouse Season 2 Episode 7 Meet Jane Doe

What could have been a really great episode fell short mostly because it seemed the writers wanted to add an engagement which was the same kind of thing we could see any other week, except that now Echo can control the personailities. The only interesting thing about it is that the abusive guard was played by Glen Morshower, who plays Aaron on 24 -- the best human being on the show.

The whole time Echo was helping the woman, all the wanted to see was what Ballard and Echo were doing, and even that wasn't particularly interesting. It was reminiscent of Buffy with the training and sexual overtones, but the characters simply aren't Buffy and Angel. The weakest part of the show is probably Ballard and Echo, so an episode focusing on them wouldn't be my preference.

The last act of the episode redeemed the episode with Topher telling DeWitt of Rossum's evil plans. They are using each house to create small pieces of a device that can imprint people from a distance without a chair. Topher finally created the last component and was holding out because he was scared. That's why he feels so responsible for the situation in Epitaph One. DeWitt, having been demoted, wants power more than she cares about her morals, and takes Topher's remote wipe.

Score: 8.8/10


sam said...

This was a bad episode. Ballard and Echo were boring to watch and Gallena wasn't very interesting. Luckily there was some good stuff with Topher and Adelle.

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